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Meat on special this week

    • USDLO
    • fresh-to-market-chicken

    Fresh to Market

    Free-Range Chicken Drumsticks

    Value Pack, Antibiotic & Hormone Free, Vegetarian Fed

    99¢/lb. Save $1.50/lb.

    • USDLO

    Fresh to Market

    Seasoned Chicken Kabobs

    Handmade in Store, All Natural Seasonings

    $3.99/lb. Save $3/lb.

    • USDCG

    Beef Bone-In Rib Steaks

    All-Natural, USDA Choice

    $8.99/lb. Save $4/lb.

    • USDCG

    Beef Boneless Tri-Tip Roasts

    All-Natural, USDA Choice

    $6.99/lb. Save $2/lb.

    • USDLO
    • fresh-to-market-chicken

    $3.99/lb. Save $2/lb.

    • prairiefresh


    Pork Baby Back Ribs

    100% Natural

    $3.99/lb. Save up to $1/lb.

    • shepherds-pride-lamb
    • where-food-comes-from

    Shepherd’s Pride

    Lamb Loin Chops

    All Natural, Sustainably Raised

    $9.99/lb. Save $4/lb.

  1. Jumbo Freshwater

    EZ Peel 4-6 Count Raw Prawns

    Previously Frozen

    $16.99/lb. Save $3/lb.

    • USDLO
    • sunfed

    SunFed Organic

    Grass–Fed Beef Chuck Steaks

    Antibiotic Free

    $7.99/lb. Save $3/lb.

    • USDNG
    • rosie-organic-chicken

    Rosie Organic

    Chicken Grill Pack

    2 Split Breasts & 4 Drumsticks, Non GMO, Vegetarian Fed, Air Chilled

    $2.49/lb. Save $1/lb.

    • USDNG
    • smart-chicken

    Smart Chicken

    Boneless & Skinless Chicken Breast Tenders

    Air Chilled, Vegetarian Fed

    $6.49/lb. Save $1.50/lb.

  2. Fresh Wild–Caught

    California King Salmon Fillets

    High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    $15.99/lb. Save $7/lb.