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Specialty Cheese on special this week

  1. $2.25/qtr. lb. Save 25¢/qtr. lb.

  2. $2.25/qtr. lb. Save 25¢/qtr. lb.

  3. $4.75/qtr. lb. Save 50¢/qtr. lb.

    • USDOR

    Marin Organic Parmesan

    Shredded, Shaved or Grated

    5 OZ. cup Selected Varieties

    $4.99 Save $1

    • USDIM

    $2.50/qtr. lb. Save 75¢/qtr. lb.

    • USDCG

    $4.00/qtr. lb. Save 50¢/qtr. lb.

  4. $2.25/qtr. lb. Save 50¢/qtr. lb.

  5. $1.75/qtr. lb. Save 50¢/qtr. lb.

    • USDLO

    Laura Chenel’s Chèvre

    5 OZ. package Selected Varieties

    $4.99 Save 50¢