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Wine & Food: The Perfect Pair

October 28, 2011

The holidays are always a busy time of year, and one of the season’s culinary challenges is pairing wines with foods, especially during those big Thanksgiving meals when there is such a diversity of food and people. While there is no exact science to pairing wine and food, we offer you two great resources to make life easier for you.

First, in our adult beverage department you will find a publication called the Wine Press. Our holiday issue is laid out like a meal, starting with sparkling and light white wines, progressing to more full-bodied reds, and ending with dessert wines. The idea is to have a wine with the proper weight and flavor profile to match the mood and the food.

Second, we have friendly, knowledgeable wine stewards in all of our stores who can help you match wines with each course, guide you through our selection, and place special orders. (And speaking of ideal pairings, we have cheese specialists available to assist you as well!)

As you plan your holiday meals, always remember the first rule of wine-and-food pairings: drink the wines you like with the foods you like — and if they work well together, that is just a bonus. Cheers! • Hank Beal, Adult Beverage

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