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Dalmatia Fig Spread

More Than the Newton: Try a Dalmatia Fig Spread

October 28, 2011

Whenever I think about figs, I think back to my childhood and my first Fig Newton … which, to be honest, was not my favorite cookie ever. But as I got older and into the cheese business, I realized that the fig can be so much more — in fact, it’s rather tasty and surprisingly versatile.

Take the Dalmatia Fig Spreads for example. These yummy spreads have so many uses: tr y the original on top of fresh goat cheese, yogurt for breakfast or as a spread on a ham and Brie panini for lunch. The orange is great with Mahón, a sharp Cheddar, or even in stir fry. But the best option by far is the Ficoco, a decadent mixture of chocolate and figs, with a nice salty blue cheese. Mmmm … heaven. • Kaelynn Medbery, Specialty Cheese

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Dalmatia Fig Spread

Dalmatia Fig Spread