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Don't Forget the Classics

January 19, 2012

As a cheese buyer, I’ve tasted a lot of amazing cheeses, yet more often than not it’s the classics that really pique my interest. I mean, think about it: new cheese makers pop up every day hoping to make the best cheese ever, yet still the classics remain. To me, Stilton is one such cheese. It’s by far the most buttery of the blues, yet it crumbles well and has a unique umami quality that begs for another taste.

It tastes fantastic in a rich soufflé, melted over steaks or with lighter fare, crumbled in salads. By far my favorite way to serve Stilton is with a loaf of rustic bread, a glass of port and a piece of dark chocolate. It just so happens that we are right in the middle of Stilton’s peak season, so do yourself a favor and sample a wedge of this wonderful cheese. • Kaelynn Medbery (Specialty Cheese)


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