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Introducing … Fresh to Market USDA Choice Beef!

June 8, 2009

Nugget Markets is proud to introduce to our guests Fresh to Market USDA Choice Beef! Raised for Nugget in partnership with Harris Ranch, this is some of the most delicious, most tender beef available. The cattle are grain-fed, resulting in high-quality steaks with superior marbling and flavor.

We love this beef because it tastes delicious, but we’re also happy to tell you that it is 100% natural. It has no preservatives or artificial colors, like the beef you get at some other grocery stores, and it is raised humanely, in an outdoor, stress-free environment.

And because we know everyone has bargains on the brain these days, we’re happy to tell you that Fresh to Market Beef is a great value! At Nugget we would never sacrifice quality in order to cut prices, but we’re proud to say that through our special partnership with Harris Ranch, we’re able to bring you this high-quality beef at low, competitive prices.  You’ll get a higher quality cut of meat at a great value — the best value you’ll find at any grocery store in our area, in fact.

Look for Fresh to Market USDA Choice Beef in our stores now, and also be sure to pick up one of our beef recipe booklets — featuring six fun new recipes detailing how to cook everything from a hamburger to a T-bone! Just ask any associate for a copy of our recipe booklet, and be sure to head to our meat department on your next trip to Nugget to learn more about our new Fresh to Market Beef!

Check out these recipes featuring our Fresh to Market Beef:

Blue Cheese and Bacon Burgers

Grilled London Broil

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Fresh to Market Beef

Fresh to Market Beef 100% Natural, raised in partnership with Harris Ranch, USDA Choice grade tender beef!

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Grilled T-Bone

Watch as our executive chef, Rachael Levine, gives step-by-step instructions on how to grill the perfect T-bone.