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An extraordinary grocery experience.


Alicia D.

Alicia D.

Healthy Living Specialist, El Dorado Hills

Alicia Delifno says she’s an avid user of many of the products in her department, but there are a few that this Healthy Living Specialist simply can’t live without. “My favorite product would have to be Lucy B’s Roll-on Tiare Coconut Perfume Oil,” she says. “It’s easy to travel with, and it smells amazing!” In fact, Alicia jokingly refers to herself as a bit of a “coco-NUT,” because she loves anything with coconut in it, including coconut lotion, coconut oil, coconut perfume and coconut flakes. She also highly recommends the Giovanni hair and body care line. “I can’t rave enough about how much I love to use these products,” Alicia says. “They leave your skin and hair refreshed, silky and smooth!” When she recommends her favorite products, Alicia says she always hopes guests will come back in to tell her about their experiences. “The interactions with my guests that are most valuable to me are when they come back in and let me know how products worked for them,” she says.