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An extraordinary grocery experience.


Cathy B.

Cathy B.

Cheese Specialist, Tiburon

“What do you call a cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese!”

Cheese Specialist Cathy Billings likes to share a good cheese joke with her guests — and she loves to recommend a good pairing. One of her favorite things to serve with cheese is preserves, although she cautions guests not to stress out too much about assembling the perfect cheese board. “Entertaining with cheese is easy!” she says. “There are no rules. Just put cheese, fruit and nuts out for your guests to enjoy.” As for her favorite cheeses, Cathy says she loves Vacherin Mont D’Or, but it’s hard for her to pass up any type of cheddar or blue cheese — and be sure to ask her for her recipe for a delicious spinach and goat cheese frittata!