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Scott D.

Scott D.

Cheese Specialist, Corte Madera

For Cheese Specialist Scott Dammann, picking one favorite cheese is no easy task. “It depends on what the weather is like and what food is being served,” he says. “I do love rich and creamy triple cream brie styles, because they are so decadent and luxurious! I love the way they coat your mouth.” As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Scott chose to continue his cheese education with a certification in cheese from the College of Marin. Now a cheese specialist for Nugget, Scott loves recommending some of his favorite cheese pairings and recipes to his guests. “Salads can be paired with so many different types of cheese, and pasta is always fun, too,” he says. “My favorite recipe using cheese is a fondue I do with Raclette and Fontina, paired with a reduced port syrup.” Be sure to ask him for the recipe next time you stop by the Specialty Cheese Department!