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Perfectly Pear'd

Perfect California pears are in season from summer to early fall. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, flavors and textures which makes them versatile and delicous in so many differnt ways. From eating out of hand as a daily snack, pairing wiht your favorite blue or brie cheese, adding slices on top of salads, cooking into chutneys, or baking into amazing desserts! Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy this delicous gem of of California treasure. 

  • Pear Chutney

    Filed under: Sauces & Gravies, Fruits

    Lovely with any pork dish, this pear chutney can also be used as a spread on a panini, or spooned over cream cheese or goat cheese and eaten with crackers.

  • Pear Bread Pudding

    Filed under: Desserts, Fruits

    Cinnamon, sugar and luscious toffee bring out the flavors of the pear in this decadent bread pudding, suitable for dessert or a show-stopping breakfast.

  • Pear Galette

    Filed under: Desserts, Fruits

    When assembling this pretty galette, take care to arrange your pears in an even circle within the pie crust. The finished product will look like it was made by a professional, garnished with mint leaves and some fresh whipped cream.

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