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Weekly Specials July 19–25, 2017

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  1. Turkish Brown Figs
    • California Grown


    Turkish Brown Figs

    1 PT. basket


  2. Black Seedless Watermelons
    • Local (within 100 miles)

    Vierra Farm, West Sacramento, California-Grown

    Black Seedless Watermelons


  3. Bartlett Pears
    • Local (within 100 miles)

    Lodi, California-Grown

    Bartlett Pears


  4. Organic Dapple Dandy Pluots
    • Local (within 100 miles)
    • Organic

    Wild River Farm, Marysville, California-Grown

    Organic Dapple Dandy Pluots


  5. Organic Galia, Goddess, or Yellow Doll Melons
    • Local (within 100 miles)
    • Organic

    Full Belly, Guinda, California-Grown

    Organic Galia, Goddess, or Yellow Doll Melons

    Selected varieties


  6. Organic Early Girl Tomatoes
    • Local (within 100 miles)
    • Organic

    Full Belly Farm/Terra Firma, California-Grown

    Organic Early Girl Tomatoes


All sale items are limited to 4 items per household through the sales effective dates unless otherwise noted. We reserve the right to limit individual purchases to four packages of any item for sale, except items where otherwise noted. Sale items are not available to any commercial dealer or wholesaler. Items are subject to stock on hand. All items not available at all stores. Photos & Illustrations are for display purposes only and do not necessarily depict items that are on sale. We reserve the right to correct all image and/or typographical errors.

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Weekly Specials

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