About Us

Nugget Markets Mack and William Stille circa 1926

William and Mack Stille, circa 1926

Founded in 1926 by William and Mack Stille in Woodland, CA, Nugget Markets has been committed to providing quality products, exceptional service, and lower prices than other conventional grocery stores.

Local products have been in our DNA since the beginning. Mack, always passionate about produce, traveled the western United States seeking the freshest, highest-quality produce available.

Nugget Markets Woodland store circa 2014

Nugget Markets, Woodland circa 2014

Throughout our history, Nugget Markets has helped pioneer many concepts in the grocery industry, including refrigerated produce cases, check stands with takeaway power belts, and a full-service meat department within the store (usually the domain of butcher shops in those days).

Press Contact

For media relations, please contact Kate Stille, Director of Marketing: (530) 669-3350 or kate.stille@nuggetmarket.com

Today, Nugget Markets has nine locations in the greater Sacramento area. We still make our home in Woodland, CA, and the Stille family continues to run the show.

Eric, Gene and Stephanie Stille circa 2013

From left to right: Eric Stille, President and CEO; Gene Stille, Chairman of the Board; Stephanie Stille, Store Director

President and CEO Eric Stille and his father, Chairman of the Board Gene Stille, are committed to the same principles that our founders Mack and William were when they started the business: high-quality products, exceptional guest service, and low prices.