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Organic Girl Dressing

All Dressed Up

Love your salads with Organic Girl vinaigrette dressings

May 20, 2014

Your usual, tired salad dressings are about to be cast off like a prom dress when you taste Organic Girl Salad Love vinaigrette salad dressings. With simple, fresh ingredients (not at all gooey and heavy like other dressings) and in varieties like Lemon Agave (tart and lightly sweet), Supergreens (savory with baby kale, parmesan, spinach and herbs), White Cheddar (aged white cheddar, parmesan, fresh green onions and sour cream), and Garden Tomato (ripe tomatoes, basil, parmesan), you and your greens will surely fall in love.

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Organic Girl Dressing

Organic Girl Dressing