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Humbolt Fog

Foggy Memory

Humboldt Fog is artisan goat cheese at its finest.

April 29, 2014

Humboldt Fog is one of the most easily recognizable artisan goat cheeses in America.  With a snowy white interior that is divided horizontally in half by a thin, jagged line of edible vegetable ash, this cheese is as delicious as it is memorable.  Often confused with a blue cheese due to the layer of ash in its center, this goat's milk cheese is aged for 2-4 weeks and has a creamy, mouth coating texture and a clean, tangy, lemony flavor.   Absolutely divine paired with dark chocolate, a drizzle of honey, or crumbled over salad.  Pairs wonderfully with a pale ale, rose, or sparkling wine.

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Humbolt Fog

Humbolt Fog