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Aging Gracefully

This cheese ranges from light and citrusy to firm and nutty

April 20, 2014

Made in the traditional French crottin style, Redwood Hill’s California Crottin is a 3-ounce nugget of goat cheese with a winkled rind.  When young, the texture is dense, but fluffy with robust, earthy flavors; milky, creamy and lightly citrusy.  After aging for about two months, this cheese becomes dense and firm with a sharper, nuttier bite.  When this crottin is in its youth,  it’s delicious drizzled with honey and eaten with fresh fruit. When mature, it’s spectacular over a salad or added to pasta or risotto.  Try paired with a dry rose, pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc.

Hank Beal

Director of Adult Beverages

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