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Honing Your Calicraft

July 9, 2014

The folks at Calicraft are brewing up some traditional styles of beer, but adding their own unique twist by using some non-traditional methods and ingredients. This local brewer is one of the most innovative producers in our region, and their Cali Coast (great with spicy foods), Buzzerkeley (wonderful with fried or sweet foods), Oak Town Brown (try it with braised meats), and City IPA (great with hors d’oeuvres) are food-friendly beers that are crafted with meals in mind. The Cali Coast is a playful take on the classic German Kolsch style, balancing delicate pear and peach flavors, while the Buzzerkeley is a sparkling ale that blurs the line between beer and wine.  Oak Town Brown has a rich, malty chocolate flavor and the City IPA is brewed with nine different hops, blackberry root and orange peel.  Give a try to one or all four!

Michael Taylor

Wine Steward

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