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Whole turkey

Turkey Carving 101

November 12, 2013

Follow these easy steps to carve your holiday turkey:

  1. Start with a whole bird, rested and ready for carving.
  2. Use a sharp boning knife to cut off the wings and the leg/thigh; set aside. (See fig. 1)
  3. Carve off the breast, then slice and arrange on a platter. (See fig. 2)
  4. Separate the thigh from the drumstick; slice the meat off the thigh, then arrange together with the breast meat on a platter. (See fig. 3)
  5. Ready for service! (See fig. 4)

Enlarge Images

Turkey amputee

Fig. 1

Turkey breast

Fig. 2

Turkey leg

Fig. 3

Turkey platter

Fig. 4