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ShiKai hair care products

Shampoo and Condition with ShiKai

Santa Rosa, CA

March 2, 2012

Developed more than 30 years ago by an organic chemist, ShiKai hair care products help keep hair healthy using shikakai plant extracts, known for their ability to leave hair clean, silky, soft and shiny. Made right up the road from our stores in Santa Rosa, California, one of my favorite ShiKai products is the Color Reflect line of shampoos and conditioners. These products really bring out the natural highlights in your hair, amplifying them with light–reflecting botanical extracts. They’re even safe to use on color–treated hair—actually, we recommend them especially to people who dye their hair because these products help extend the life of color treatments with Heliogenol (a natural, concentrated sunflower extract), UV filters and optimized pH. Color–treated or not, your hair will love these awesome products!

• Lorna Parton, Healthy Living


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ShiKai hair care products

ShiKai hair care products