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Warm Up to Soup

Health Notes from Dr. Liz

November 5, 2013

There’s more than just warmth in a bowl of soup. Researchers are discovering a host of health benefits from routinely enjoying soup.

•As a “slow” food, sipping soup helps curb appetite and calorie intake by signaling the brain that the stomach is full. Researchers have noted that people eat fewer calories at a meal when soup is served first. Also, many soups are fairly low in calories, with only 100 to 200 calories in a one–cup serving.

•Studies also show that chicken soup and other broth–based versions do lessen cold symptoms such as congestion and ease sore throat pain. So Grandma was right–a bowl of soup does wonders when you have a cold.

•Many soups are loaded with health–boosting nutrients—fiber from beans, vitamins and minerals from vegetables; energizing carbohydrate from rice, pasta and other grains; and protein from meats, beans or tofu. Herbs used for seasoning (fresh or dried) along with beans and veggies supply antioxidants that may help protect against further illness and age–related ailments.

Dr. Liz Applegate Ph.D.

Director of Sports Nutrition, UC Davis