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Rainbow Carrots

Rainbow Bright

Health Notes from Dr. Liz

January 3, 2014

Each gorgeously hued carrot supplies different health-boosting properties. Red for lycopene, a potent cancer fighter, purple for anthocyanin that wards off inflammation and yellow xanthophyll, along with good ‘ol orange beta carotene, which supports eye health. A beautiful bargain for only 25 calories per carrot. Dr. Liz

Bring some beautiful color to your holiday table with Organic Rainbow Bunch Carrots from our produce department. Unique and nutritious, these jewels can make your holiday carrot dishes delicious and bright. Watsonville’s crisp coastal climate is home to these beauties, which range in color from the traditional orange to yellow, purple, red and white. Rainbow carrots are the perfect eye candy veggie to charm your guests during the holidays. • Adam Bazarnik, Produce

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Rainbow Carrots

Rainbow Carrots