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The Dating Game

January 14, 2014

When Colleen Sundlie and her family lived overseas, she discovered a luscious, earthy, sticky–sweet delight known as date syrup which soon became a staple in her home. Once stateside, Colleen (today she’s known as “The Date Lady”) now brings Date Lady pure Date Syrup to our shelves for your enjoyment. Made from organic Deglet Noor dates with caramelized flavors reminiscent of raisins and sherry, this syrup is a perfect molasses substitute and is spectacular stirred into a cup of coffee, added to baked goods, drizzled over goat cheese, or licked straight off your fingers. Plus, it’s gluten free, vegan and Kosher. Give it a try! It’s a date worth keeping. • Josh Dwinell, Specialty Grocery

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Date Lady

Date Lady