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Soda Switcharoo

January 6, 2014

Take a pass on empty–calorie, refined–sugar laden sodas and fruit–flavored drinks and try one of our nutrient–dense and delicious juice drinks made especially for you! Our coffee bar associates are ready and waiting to whip up one of our energizing, nutrient–packed specialty drinks, like the Zen Stabilizer (honey tangerines, basil, spinach, pineapple juice and green iced tea), the Pom–Power (pomegranate, lemons, and apple juice), the Beta Buster (a blend of sweet potato, carrot juice, soy milk, ginger and banana with a touch of cinnamon), and our Over the Rainbow (a colorful mix of rainbow chard, spinach, pear, ginger, lemon and pineapple). With our delicious Nugget Markets specialty drinks, it’s easy to make the switch to healthier choices. • Ali Van Vessem, Coffee Bar

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Beta Buster

Beta Buster