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Chico Bags

Chico and the Bag

January 6, 2014

The Chico Bag company (located in…Chico, CA!) is a leader in the reusable bag movement, offering stylish, machine-washable, reusable bags that fit into a compact attached pouch for easy storage. The Nomad Tote, a flat–bottomed tote featuring three exterior pockets and a zippered top, is a large capacity shoulder bag perfect for any excursion, weekend getaway, or daily trip to the gym. Simply stuff it into its side pocket for easy storage when not in use. The Vita Bag holds 40 pounds, features a convenient clip, has a shoulder–length strap and is just the thing for trips to the market. Fold the Vita into its attached pouch for easy storage between grocery trips.

—Kris Scott, General Merchandise

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Chico Bags

Chico Bags