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Keep Your Eye on the Ball

January 6, 2014

What is it about sipping your favorite beverage from a Ball canning jar? Local family–owned company Discarded Designs has modernized this little bit of nostalgia with their Eco–Tumb ler canning jar turned eco–friendly (and very cool) glass drinking jar. The crafters at Discarded Designs, where their products are “Handcrafted with Soul,” take an American– made Ball canning jar, add a custom–crafted steel lid, and include a glass straw (it’s Pyrex!) that’s fire polished with a hand–formed flare to hold it in place, giving you a 100% plastic–free way to enjoy that favorite drink of yours. Available in 24–ounce or 16–ounce sizes.
• Kris Scott, General Merchandise

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Discarded Designs

Discarded Designs