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With a wide selection of organic, specialty and conventional goods, our grocery department has everything you need all in one place.

Specialty Grocery specialty and conventional side by side

Our buyers seek out the best gourmet foods from around the world and around the corner—sample pasta, olive oil and cookies from Italy, preserves from England and the best of what local manufacturers have to offer right here in Northern California. We stock specialty grocery items alongside our tried and true staples so you can grab your favorite soda, cereal and snack crackers and try something new while you’re at it! To make shopping easier, our stores feature a Lifestyle Diets program that flags products in 13 different lifestyle diets: organic, local, gluten free, non-GMO, vegetarian, vegan and more. We also price check our products weekly to make sure we’re offering you highest-quality goods at competitive prices.

St. Benoit Creamery

At St. Benoit Creamery, their high standards don’t just apply to their dairy, but also to taking care of the community. All of their products are made with the highest quality organic Jersey cows’ milk and packaged with recyclable or reusable materials to be environmentally friendly!

Haps on the End Caps …

    1. For the love of chocolate!

      Health Notes with Dr. Liz

      Who doesn’t love chocolate? Lately, even scientists do! According to research, eating small amounts of chocolate (a little over an ounce) daily may help protect against heart disease and stroke, as well as boost your sense of well-being. 

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    2. Babyback ribs with BBQ sauce

      Get Saucy

      The pigskins are about to fly, and you know what that means—potato skins, barbecue, nachos, hot wings and all things finger-lickin’ good! If you want to amp up the flavor of your football fare, it’s easy!

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    3. Three types of popcorn

      Pop to it!

      Popcorn 3-ways

      Ready to make your favorite movie snack pop? Popcorn is easy to make for movie nights, and a great canvas for almost any flavor palette. Depending on what you top it with, popcorn can even be a healthy snack for whenever you get the nibbles.

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Lifestyle Diet icons

Special Products

At Nugget Markets, we strive to bring you a wide variety of local and organic products, as well as items suitable for special dietary and lifestyle needs. To assist you while shopping for specific food categories, we have created a series of icons to help you identify these products on our store shelves, in our ads, and in our publications.

Visit our lifestyle page to learn more.

* These special diet indicators are not intended to be used as or to replace medical advice. Please remember to always read product labels, as ingredients and manufacturers may change.