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Honey Crisp Apples


Honeycrisp Apples

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$1.99/LB. Save $1.50/LB.

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We’re lucky to be located in one of the richest regions in the nation for quality local produce, and one trip through our produce aisles will show that we take full advantage of that fact! Nugget is committed to buying local to support growers from our area. In our produce aisles, you’ll find a huge selection of organics, and we also stock lots of hard-to-find, specialty varieties. We receive produce deliveries six days a week to ensure freshness — stop by to see what’s in season this week!

POM Wonderful

POM Wonderful 

With more than 9,000 acres of orchards growing in California’s San Joaquin Valley, POM Wonderful is the nation’s largest supplier of fresh pomegranates. The Wonderful variety was developed 100 years ago and is known  for being especially sweet and juicy. To make things even better, POM Wonderful’s orchards utilize intelligent drip irrigation to deliver the precise amount of water needed for every tree throughout its growth cycle. Plus, pomegranate seeds and juice are loaded with the antioxidants anthocyanidins that help keep cholesterol levels healthy.

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