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We’re lucky to be located in one of the richest regions in the nation for quality local produce, and one trip through our produce aisles will show that we take full advantage of that fact! Nugget is committed to buying local to support growers from our area. In our produce aisles, you’ll find a huge selection of organics, and we also stock lots of hard-to-find, specialty varieties. We receive produce deliveries six days a week to ensure freshness — stop by to see what’s in season this week!

Sumo Citrus

With origins in Japan, this crossbreed of mandarins and oranges is now grown at family farms across California’s San Joaquin Valley. These sweet treats have a low-acidity level and are gentle on stomachs that may otherwise be sensitive to citrus fruit. Large, seedless, exceptionally sweet, juicy and easy to peel, Sumo Citrus are enormously good to eat! 

Heard It Through Grape Vine

  1. Smoothie and two bananas

    Supercharge Your Smoothie

    Health Notes from Dr. Liz

    A well-made smoothie can be a nutritional powerhouse! With the right ingredients, this blended concoction supplies protein, energizing carbs and a wealth of vitamins, minerals and health-boosting compounds. Supercharging your smoothie can help speed recovery from a workout and help protect your body against aging and an array of diet-related ailments such as heart disease and cancer.

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  2. Chalk drawing of Carnival Cauliflower, broccoli rave, and broccoleaf

    January Greens

    January is a beautiful time of year, full of new beginnings, healthy resolutions and, of course, great greens! This month, our produce department is packed with a variety of verdant vegetables, many grown right here in California. Be sure to grab your favorite golden state greens while they’re in season!

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  3. New Year, New Juice!

    Start your year off right with something delicious and nutritious! Our coffee bars offer a variety of seasonal juices and smoothies made with fresh fruits and vegetables, perfect for keeping your New Year’s resolutions strong.

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Seasonal Recipes

  1. Nugget Markets Signature Recipe

    Broccoli Sesame Salad

    Filed under: Side Dishes, Vegetables

    This recipe is a great example of a healthy meal that's also quick and easy. With both broccoli and mixed greens, this dish will help you hit that daily goal of 2½ cups of vegetables. 

  2. Very Berry Green Smoothie
    Nugget Markets Signature Recipe

    Very Berry Green Smoothie

    Filed under: Cocktails, Fruits

    Start your morning right with fresh berries, greens and protein! This smoothie has just enough sweet to satisfy, while delivering a wealthy dose of nutrition. Save time in the morning by prepping ingredients the night before.