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Fall Peartini

Yield: 1 Drink; 1 Flambéed Bartlett Pear
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Flambéed Bartlett Pears over Vanilla Ice Cream

Heat a sauté pan with butter, add sliced Bartlett pear, 2 tbsp brown sugar, and a half cup water.  Cook the pears until the water has steamed off and the pears have softened. Add half cup brandy and allow to flame; use extreme caution when executing this step . Cook over high heat until the pears caramelize and the brandy has been absorbed and cooked off. Finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon over the pears. Serve over vanilla ice cream and reserve a few slices for the Fall Peartini. 

Fall Peartini

Place 2 pear slices and a lemon wedge in a shaker.  Muddle them until the pear is the consistency of a purée. Add the remaining liquid ingredients and ice. Shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with the remaining flambéed pear slices. 


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