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  1. Sustainability at Nugget Markets

    August 20, 2015

    At Nugget Markets, sustainability matters! During 2014 we diverted 4.8 million pounds of recyclables and reduced water consumption by more than 75%. This year we’re upping the ante. Our sustainability coordinator tells all in this video. 

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  2. Reducing our Use

    Nugget’s Water Conservation Program

    August 19, 2015

    While we’re all hoping that a strong “El Niño” winter will help end the current drought situation, in the heat of the summer it’s more important than ever that we all do our part to reduce our water use. We thought we should share with our guests some of the ways Nugget Markets has taken on the challenge of reducing our water consumption to conserve this precious resource.

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  3. Seasonal Salad

    Quinoa with Corn and Cherry Tomatoes from our Deli

    August 15, 2015

    Fresh grilled corn, sweet cherry tomatoes, a light and refreshing salad … perfect ingredients for a lovely summer meal. Enjoy the flavors of the season in our Quinoa Salad with Corn and Cherry Tomatoes, prepared fresh in our deli department by our in-house chefs. They start with organic quinoa cooked to perfection, then add sweet grilled corn and juicy cherry tomatoes to create a fresh salad, ripe with summer goodness.

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  4. Belly Full of Tomatoes

    Full Belly Farms Heirloom and Cherry Tomatoes

    August 14, 2015

    Hot summer days, cooler air at night … the climate in the Capay Valley creates the perfect growing conditions for tomatoes, and now that we’re well into late summer, we’re reaping all the rewards. Our produce department is packed full of delicious gems from Full Belly Farms, from gorgeous heirloom tomato varieties, to crisp, juicy cherry tomatoes just waiting to jump into your salad bowl. Take home this great tomato tip we learned from our friends at Full Belly Farms: tomatoes don’t like to get too cold, so don’t stick them in the refrigerator unless they’re getting over-ripe.

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  5. Spice up your Cookout

    Chipotle Chicken Salad from our Deli

    August 13, 2015

    The classics never go out of style, but if you’re looking to switch things up for your next cookout, try swapping out some of your standard side dishes for something spicy from our deli department. We recommend our Chipotle Chicken Salad: chef-prepared Fresh to Market Free Range Rotisserie Chicken, mixed with fresh-grilled and shaved corn, scallions and torn cilantro. 

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  6. DIY Sports Massage Oils

    August 11, 2015

    Create the perfect customized blend of essential oils to help your tired, sore muscles and body relax. All you have to do is choose your favorite carrier oil (either light, like grapeseed or almond; medium, like jojoba; or heavy, such as apricot or olive) or an unscented lotion. Then select the essential oil(s) to include in massage oil. Since essential oils all have unique properties, our healthy living specialists have made note of a few favorites to consider when creating massage oils.

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  7. Health Notes from Dr. Liz — Hydrating Produce

    August 5, 2015

    Summertime calls for cooling off and hydrating!

    Eating a healthy dose of fruits and veggies is an easy and delicious way to boost hydration during the summer months! Fresh fruit and veggies can supply about one-fifth of your daily fluid needs. Some fruits and veggies are particularly hydrating given their high water content and rich supply of potassium, which plays a big role in body fluid balance.

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  8. It's Tomato Time!

    Woodland Tomato Festival

    August 4, 2015

    Tomato Time is coming to Woodland!  Mark you calendars for August 8th and cruise on over to Main St. in downtown Woodland to enjoy one tomato-y celebration!  Nugget Markets is delighted to sponsor The Woodland Tomato Festival, benefiting the Woodland Farmers Market.  Check out tomato tastings, tomato salsa competition, crafters, artisans, and entertainment for all ages!  woodlandtomatofestival.com 

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  9. Experience Washed-Rind Decadence

    Fromagerie Guilloteau Campagnier Cheese

    August 3, 2015

    We’re happy to announce that the maker of the delectable d’Affinois, Fromagerie Guilloteau, has now released a new cheese, Campagnier. With a distinctive orange washed rind, this double crème cheese features a lush, buttery texture and subtle fruity flavors. This cheese really shines when paired with fresh fruits — try it with figs, cranberries or sun-dried tomatoes for a delicious appetizer.

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  10. BOHO Style Candles

    August 2, 2015

    Beautify your space with Paddywax artisanal candles! These hand-poured, fragrance-infused, soy wax blended candles fill an adorable hand-painted ceramic bowl. Their Boheme Collection offers a pattern to match almost every personality and color scheme. Once the candle scent is gone, the bowl can be re-used to store change, jewelry or even another candle. Enjoy a touch of southern hospitality with Paddywax candles, which hail from Nashville, TN.

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