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Jacqueline N.

Jacqueline N.

Cheese Specialist, Vacaville

As a cheese specialist at Nugget Markets, Jacqueline Neff says one of the best parts of her job is helping guests navigate the sometimes-overwhelming selection of cheeses Nugget has to offer. “Don’t get overwhelmed!” she says. “There are hundreds of different cheeses to try in my department alone, but just take one or two home at a time and find out what you like. Then we can talk about your experience and I can suggest something else you can try.” One of her favorite cheeses to recommend is an aged white cheddar called Vat 17 by Grand Reserve. “Its flavor is incredible,” she says. Also topping her list are cheeses from local producer Point Reyes Creamery, a farmstead company where cows graze on certified organic grasses and sustainable practices are used to produce cheese on-site. As a cheese specialist with Nugget since 2010, Jacqueline is always ready to share her knowledge with her guests!