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Nugget Markets Nugget Markets associate showing off sustainability shirt


Extraordinary Sustainability

Here at Nugget Markets, we’re committed to working towards a greener, more sustainable future every day, in every store. With the help of our Sustainability Coordinator and Green Guru Team, we’re constantly improving our environmental impact through eco-friendly actions like reducing water and energy usage, recycling, diverting food waste, donating to local nonprofits and more. It’s not always easy being green, but it sure is worth it!

Nugget Markets Nugget Markets associates volunteer at Yolo Food Bank

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are a family business serving our guests, each other and our Earth. We are committed to being leaders of sustainability in our industry with a focus on environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic vitality.

Nugget Markets Store Director with Recology associate

Environmental Stewardship: Taking care of the planet

With every action we take, we aim to ensure the resilience and sustainability of our ecosystems by reducing our environmental footprint and sourcing sustainable products for our guests.

Nugget Markets Sustainability coordinator with guest on Earth Day

Social Responsibility: Taking care of people

One of our core values at Nugget Markets is to Respect, Appreciate and Value Everyone (RAVE). This means taking care of our guests, associates, communities and producers.

Nugget Markets Waste Management Tour

Economic Vitality: Taking care of business (sustainably speaking)

We’re dedicated to being good stewards of our resources, supporting local growers and producers and partnering with companies who share our values for sustainability.

Almost every act of sustainability falls into more than one of these categories, as all three pillars are connected and work together to create a better future.

Nugget Markets Green Gurus Team

Meet our Sustainability Coordinator, Shea Robinson!

She would love to hear your questions and speak with you about sustainability at Nugget Markets!.

Email her!

Nugget Markets Green Gurus Team

Green Gurus

At Nugget Markets, we are committed to serving our guests, each other, and our Earth. That’s why we’ve started our Green Guru program, forming a team of sustainability specialists in our stores to help us achieve our environmental goals. Nugget Market, Inc.’s Sustainability Coordinator and Green Gurus oversee our company-wide sustainability program, ensuring that we’re on the cutting edge in the food industry when it comes to sustainability.

Focused on Our Community

We are a sustainable business who will always stay focused on YOU! Learn more about the philanthropy behind how we take care of our community, or check out the latest sustainability report under the Usage tab.

We also have a passion for growing and supporting our community of associates. Learn about our culture and the benefits of working for Nugget Markets here!

Food Transparency

Let us help you feel confident about your food purchases! Did you know that 13% of the food we carry is organic and 14% is local? Use our Lifestyle Icons to easily find Organic, Local and California Grown foods.

Also, check out our Meat Department to find a variety of proteins responsibly sourced with consideration for animal welfare, such as pasture-raised, grass-fed, no-hormone and wild-caught!

Keeping it Green

    1. Extraordinary Sustainability: May is Bike Month

      The sun is shining, the clouds are blue—come hop on your bike and join us in celebrating May is Bike Month! There are so many great trails located right in our backyard. Find your community below for some nifty bike trails, or consider checking out some from a neighboring area!

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    2. Extraordinary Sustainability: EV Charging Stations

      Whether you need a snack from our kitchen or something to sip from our coffee and juice bar, you can always recharge at our stores. Did you know that at two of our stores, you can also recharge your electric vehicle? It’s true! Whether you “fuel up” while grocery shopping or simply make a pit stop on a longer road trip, we’re here to help with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at our Elk Grove and Vacaville stores.

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    3. sustainable products like reusable water bottle, lunch bags, produce bags and bee's wrap
    4. three reusable masks

      Extraordinary Sustainability: Remember Reusable!

      Can you believe it’s been more than a year since COVID-19 entered our lives and changed our daily routines? One thing most of us noticed is how quickly our practices went from reducing our consumption of single-use items to prioritizing their use. So how can we stay green even with the need for PPE? Here are a few ways to think about our community and earth, as well as our health and safety.

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Our Partners

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