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An extraordinary grocery experience.

Nugget Markets Green Gurus Team Sustainability at Nugget Markets

Sustainability at Nugget Markets

Extraordinary Sustainability

Here at Nugget Markets, we’re committed to working towards a greener, more sustainable future every day, in every store. With the help of our Sustainability Coordinator and Green Guru Team, we’re constantly improving our environmental impact through eco-friendly actions like reducing water and energy usage, recycling, diverting food waste, donating to local nonprofits and more. It’s not always easy being green, but it sure is worth it!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are a family business serving our guests, each other and our Earth. We are committed to being leaders of sustainability in our industry with a focus on environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic vitality.

Environmental Stewardship: Taking care of the planet

With every action we take, we aim to ensure the resilience and sustainability of our ecosystems by reducing our environmental footprint and sourcing sustainable products for our guests.

Social Responsibility: Taking care of people

One of our core values at Nugget Markets is to Respect, Appreciate and Value Everyone (RAVE). This means taking care of our guests, associates, communities and producers.

Economic Vitality: Taking care of business (sustainably speaking)

We’re dedicated to being good stewards of our resources, supporting local growers and producers and partnering with companies who share our values for sustainability.

Almost every act of sustainability falls into more than one of these categories, as all three pillars are connected and work together to create a better future.

Nugget Markets Green Gurus Team

Green Gurus

At Nugget Markets, we are committed to serving our guests, each other, and our Earth. That’s why we’ve started our Green Guru program, forming a team of sustainability specialists in our stores to help us achieve our environmental goals. Nugget Markets’ Sustainability Coordinator and Green Gurus oversee our company-wide sustainability program, ensuring that we’re on the cutting edge in the food industry when it comes to sustainability.


Nugget Markets is committed to being a leader in our industry, and nowhere is that more apparent than in our sustainability initiatives. We’ve increased our focus on environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic vitality, resulting in enormous improvements company-wide.

In 2018, we made huge strides in reducing our waste and limiting our resource consumption. Here’s how we’ve done so far:

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2018 Diversion Tonnage

Roughly 6,000 tons—that’s nearly 6 times more than the amount ending up in the landfill. This number includes food waste, meat rendering, oil, recycling, cardboard bailing and food donations.

Annual Landfill Tonnage

Amount of waste that goes into the landfill (in tons)

  • 2014 100% 2,996
  • 2015 -23% 2,318
  • 2016 -17% 1,935
  • 2017 12% 2,167
  • 2018 -16% 1,822

Current Diversion Rate

Percent of waste leaving our stores to be recycled


The EPA defines Zero-Waste as a 90% diversion rate, so we are well on our way to achieving that goal!

Landfill Rate Percent of waste leaving our stores and ending up in the landfill

Recycle bin graphic
Water faucet with drop of water graphic

2018 Water Consumption

We have reduced our water consumption by 19% compared to last year, saving more than 4.5 million gallons (which is twice the amount of water held in all the aquariums at Monterey Bay).

And by eliminating the energy needed to produce those 4.5 million gallons, we also prevented 18 tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

Energy Consumption

Total energy consumption for all locations (in million kWh)

  • 2015   29.97
  • 2016   29.99
  • 2017   23.85
  • 2018   27.86
Cardboard box graphic with Yes! written on it

Annual Cardboard Tonnage

2,500 tons: Amount of cardboard per year since 2015 (in tons)

Keeping it Green

    1. Extraordinary Sustainability: Meet the Team

      Here at Nugget Markets, we’re proud to have a green leadership team to help us with our everyday and big picture sustainability efforts. Our corporate sustainability coordinator leads a team of store-level green gurus who together keep our sustainability program going strong. How do they do it? By overseeing the company-wide sustainability program, setting goals, writing benchmarks and helping us constantly improve by staying on the cutting edge of sustainability in our food system. Let’s meet a few of our amazing green team!

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    2. two salmon fillets on a grill pan with artichoke and lemon halves

      Sustainable Seafood

      Quality and sustainability count when it comes to seafood, which is why we offer an extensive selection of sustainable, wild-caught fish and shellfish, and receive fresh seafood deliveries six days a week.

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    3. Revive Kombucha

      Kombucha? You betcha!

      It all started in 2010, when Sean and Rebekah Lovett first shared their craft-brewed kombucha at a Sonoma County farmers market. Six years later, the masterminds behind Revive Kombucha are working harder than ever to create a product that’s just as beneficial for the environment as it is for the consumer.

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