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Nugget Markets Field Guide

Our Spring 2024 Field Guide is free in stores now! Flip through the pages above, or drop by your local Nugget Market to get a copy of the print magazine, along with ingredients to make all the delicious recipes! 

Hungry for more? Check out our Field Guide archive below. Happy cooking!

  • spring 2024 Field Guide cover showing asparagus and Nugget Market logo next to lemon meringue tartlets and text: It's a Spring Thing! Spring 2024 Available Now!
  • field Guide Issue 45 smoothie cover next to brown butter mochi cake cubes with text: The Spice of Life Winter 2024 Available Now!

    The Spice of Life

    Life’s too short for boring food. That’s why our latest Field Guide is dedicated to all things delicious with a special focus on flavor-forward foods. Grab your free copy in stores now!

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  • 2023 Holiday Field Guide cover with two women bundled up with cozy drinks and text: Holiday Edition Available Now!

    Hygge for the Holidays

    You know that warm, cozy feeling of reading by a fire, putting your favorite fall sweater on or sipping hot chocolate while reminiscing with friends? The Danish have a word for it: Hygge (pronounced HEW-guh), and you’ll find it all in our latest Field Guide, free in stores now!

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  • fried chicken field guide cover with ice cream sundae and text: summer edition available now!

    The Fruits & Meats of Summer

    Some of our favorite things about summer revolve around food—just like our latest Field Guide! Hot off the presses, this marvelous magazine will help you make the most of these sweet summer months with timeless techniques, amazing artisan goods, mouthwatering recipes and more. Best of all, it’s free in stores now!

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  • spring 2023 field guide cover with fruit and veggie critters and text: spring edition available now!

    Cheers to Our Extraordinary Partners!

    At Nugget Markets, we’re honored to partner with stand-out suppliers making a real difference in the world along with amazing products, which is why we’re thrilled to highlight them in our latest Field Guide—free in stores now!

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  • field guide zen den cover with sheet pan meal and text: winter edition available now!

    All About Balance

    The New Year is practically synonymous with setting new goals, and a major key to attaining any goal is BALANCE. That’s why our newest Field Guide is dedicated to helping you attain balance no matter what your goals look like!

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  • holiday 2022 field guide cover with chicken cordon bleu

    Simply Spectacular

    The holiday season is here, and so is our latest Field Guide! Drop by your local Nugget Markets today to get your free copy and discover all sorts of delicious inspiration for a simply spectacular holiday season.

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  • Field Guide sundae cover, plant-based burger and text: summer issue available now

    Your BBQ HQ

    ‘Tis the season for al fresco dining, and our latest Field Guide has everything you need to make the most of those sweet, summer vibes. Pick up your free copy for the inside scoop on fresh new recipes, must-have products, great grilling tips and more!

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  • holiday field guide cover plus two spreads

    The Holidays Done Right

    Is it true? Could it be? At long last, the holidays are finally here, which means our newest Field Guide is, too! We enlisted our experts to create this comprehensive guide to wintertime merriment, so flip through the pages for all sorts of pro tips on how to have the holliest, jolliest holidays yet.

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  • summer field guide cover with yellow background

    Spectacular Summertime

    Enjoy all the things you love about summer with a little help from our latest Field Guide, free in stores now! This sun-sational edition will teach you how to whip up your favorite fair foods at home, take your taste buds on tour and become a cast iron chef in no time.

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  • spring field guide pie edition cover

    Slice of Life

    If it were up to us, we’d have pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Luckily, that dream can be a reality with our latest Field Guide: The Pie Edition. From homemade pizza and fruit-forward desserts to sweet tarts, savory galettes and more, if pie is your favorite food group, this Field Guide’s for you. Pick up a free copy at your local Nugget Markets to explore tantalizing recipes and ready-to-eat options you can enjoy around the clock.

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  • holiday field guide overlaid on holiday meal photo

    Homemade for the Holidays

    Celebrate the holiday season in style with our latest Field Guide! This extra special Holiday Meal edition not only showcases the amazing foods our chefs are cooking up this year, but also fun ways you can make the rest of the year the best of the year. Pick up your FREE copy of The Field Guide at your local Nugget Markets to feast your eyes on fun articles and recipes like these.

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  • fall field guide 2020 covers

    The Field Guide: Flavors of Fall

    Cooler weather, changing colors, cozy sweaters... If you’re ready to celebrate all things fall, this Field Guide’s for you! From the world’s best pork to the easiest cheese boards for you and your family, this is the perfect time to settle in and enjoy all your favorite comfort foods. Visit your local Nugget Markets to pick up your FREE copy today!

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  • The Field Guide, Kitchen Comforts Issue

    The Kitchen Comforts Field Guide

    From simple concepts to sensational results, it doesn’t take much to excel in the kitchen or behind the bar, especially when you have our latest Field Guide to help you along! Flip through this FREE publication for a fresh take on iconic foods and drinks you can enjoy right at home, along with exceptional recipes and tips from our own talented chefs.

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  • pile of field guides

    The Field Guide: Holiday Edition

    ‘Tis the season for family, friends, feasts and festivities! However you’re planning to celebrate this year, we have everything you need for your most fabulous holiday season yet—including our latest Field Guide FREE in stores now!

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  • fall field guides with fresh to market products

    Meal Planning Made Easy

    If you want to make life easier, save money and eat well, our latest Field Guide is here to help! Free in stores now, our fall Field Guide has everything you need to be a meal planning pro, plus the scoop on our special line of Fresh to Market products and all sorts of delicious recipes!

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  • burger on yellow background with field guide text

    Easy Summer Vibes

    Whether you’re looking for local ice creams, refreshing cocktails or the best burgers you’ve ever tasted, Nugget Markets has you covered. Flip through our latest Field Guide for fresh recipes, summer snacking, seasonal produce and other delicious inspiration for easy summer vibes. Find it FREE in stores now!

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  • open and closed spring field guides

    Spring Field Guide: The Art of Extraordinary

    Feeling a little extra? You’ll love our latest Field Guide. Since Nugget Markets is known as being an extraordinary grocery experience, we thought it was time to explore all things exquisite, excellent and extravagant. Pick up a free copy of our latest Field Guide and discover the art of extraordinary!

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  • field guides and hands

    The Field Guide: Healthy Living Edition

    Start your new year right with our latest and greatest Field Guide, free in stores now! Whether your resolutions are for clean eating, fitness, self-care, giving back or even more reading, our healthy living-themed Field Guide is here to help.

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  • holiday field guides with baking ingredients

    The Snuggle Is Real

    Cold winter days are the perfect time to stay in, bundle up and get cooking, which is why our latest Field Guide is 100% recipes. That’s right, our final Field Guide of 2018 is a beautifully festive cookbook full of delicious inspiration for your holiday cooking, and it’s FREE in stores now!

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  • nugget-fall-fg-2018-3
  • nugget-summer-field-guide

    Choose Your Own Adventure!

    Calling all epicurean explorers, groundbreaking gourmets and the culinary curious! Strike out on an al fresco adventure this summer with our latest Field Guide, a tailor-made treasure map to all things tasty. From patio parties to the ultimate road trip, flip through its pages to find amazing recipes, great gear and other delicious discoveries. Which adventure will you choose first? 

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  • nugget-spring-field-guide-1

    Welcome to Spring!

    From Easter extravaganzas to Mother’s Day brunch and everything in between, spring is a time to celebrate. To help plan your springtime spectacular, check out our latest and greatest Field Guide, FREE in stores now!

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  • field guide and products

    Your Guide to a Sensational Summer

    Savor all your favorite summertime flavors with our latest Field Guide, available in stores now! Featuring hot new recipes, cool cocktails, BBQ best practices and more, this guide has all sorts of sensational summer inspiration, and it’s FREE!

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  • Field Guide

    Spring & Summer Field Guide Fun

    It’s official—the latest Nugget Markets Field Guide to all things sizzling for spring and summer has arrived! Along with a ton of great recipes for grilling, brunch and everything in between, our seasonal guide is bursting with insider tips on healthy living, sustainable products, kitchen hacks, entertaining inspiration and more. 

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