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Clover Sonoma Eggnog

Clover Sonoma Eggnog

Get a sip of the season with Clover Sonoma Eggnog. Made with milk and cream from family farms on California’s northern coast plus cane sugar, eggs and a special blend of holiday spices, this decadent drink is rich, creamy and subtly sweet. Enjoy on its own or with a little something extra of your choice.

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  1. hand dipping a green cookie in melted chocolate

    Not Your Average Christmas Cookies

    Get the cookie sheets ready—it’s time to bake! Cookie swaps are a classic part of the holiday season and a wonderful way to share new recipes with throngs of willing taste testers. Think outside the cookie jar with gourmet cookie recipes like these.

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  2. lemon cheesecake with cranberry sauce

    Decadent Homemade Desserts

    When it comes to dessert, extravagant indulgence is the very definition of the holiday season. Sophisticated sweets like homemade cheesecake, crème brûlée and chocolate fondue add that special something to any fine dining experience, and we have the perfect recipes. Sugar plums have nothing on these stunning desserts.

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  3. candied and whole buddha's hand citron

    How to Candy Fruit

    Candying fruit is simple, sweet and incredibly versatile. Follow this basic formula to turn a variety of fruits into festive confections, perfect for topping ice cream or sorbet, giving as gourmet goodies or enjoying as a petite treat on their own.

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  4. fudge squares on a cake platter

    Festive Confections

    Cookies are classic for a reason, but they’re not the only sweet treat worth sharing this holiday season. From homemade fudge to apple caramels and more, these festive confections are super scrumptious and easier than you think!

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  5. 7 bottles

    Party Faithfuls

    When you’re planning a party, your shopping list might be just as important as your guest list. In terms of stocking the bar, you can’t go wrong with a few party faithfuls like these. Whether your guests enjoy reds, whites or spirits, we’ve got something for everyone.

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