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Fresh to Market Premium Angus Beef Filet Mignons

Fresh to Market Premium Angus Beef Filet Mignons

All Natural. USDA Choice.

$18.99/lb. this week

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  1. person holding a basket of self-care products

    Nourish to Flourish

    Looking for your happy place? Create a personal sanctuary right at home with a few self-care essentials from our healthy living department. Soak your troubles away with a lovely spa day at home, treat yourself to some you time with bath salts and herbal eye pillows, and set a relaxing mood with fragrant candles and more.

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  2. sleep supplements and ZZZs text

    Get Your ZZZs

    From naptime to nighttime, if you need a little help dozing off, visit our healthy living department to find a wide selection of products that can help. Sweet dreams are made of these!

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  3. rest and relaxation supplements with R&R text

    For a Little R&R…

    Take a deep breath—and exhale. Even an active lifestyle requires some down time. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, we may have a remedy for you. Drop by our healthy living department for a variety of supplements designed to help you get a little rest and relaxation.

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  4. bottles and boxes of essential oils

    Aromatherapy Essentials

    Great for soothing the mind, body and spirit, essential oils can be used for everything from aromatherapy to DIY products for the home. One of our favorite producers of essential oils is rareEssence Aromatherapy.

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  5. four bottles of wine in a row

    Wines of the Month: February 2019

    If wine plays a part in your plans for romance this Valentine’s Day, we recommend trying one of these sensational sips. This month, our pros have picked out a variety of fine wines from nearby and around the world that you and your special someone are sure to adore.

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