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Certified Piedmontese Sirloin Steak
Fresh to Market Grass-Fed Beef


Fresh to Market Grass‑Fed Beef

Our premium Fresh to Market Grass-Fed Beef features Certified Piedmontese, a heritage breed raised humanely on family ranches across the Great Plains. Learn more!

Fresh, Affordable Meat and Seafood

Special Orders

From custom cuts to the centerpiece for your feast, our butchers are here to help. Need something extra special? Our meat team can help you place a special order for your perfect protein with 48 hours’ notice. All you have to do is ask!

Nugget Markets butcher team
Certified Piedmontese meat


Make the most of your meal with gourmet meats like no other. We’re proud to offer a variety of premium proteins including local, humanely-raised and grass-fed options. A few of our favorites include Certified Piedmontese Beef, Llano Seco Pork, Cascade Creek American Lamb, Verlasso Salmon and our own Fresh to Market Angus Premium USDA Choice Beef and USDA Prime Beef, and cage-free, air-chilled and hand-trimmed Fresh to Market Chicken!

Ready-to-Cook Entrées

There’s more to our meat department than just great steaks, ribs and seafood. Look for our Homemade icon to find a selection of hearty, ready-to-cook entrées and appetizers handcrafted on-site by our masterful meat team. Just heat, eat and enjoy!

Nugget Markets Home Made icon
Sausage on the grill

Homemade Sausage

Speaking of Homemade, our Fresh to Market Sausage is handcrafted in-store daily with fresh, quality ingredients, all-natural seasonings and no fillers ever. With more than 20 kinds of fresh pork and chicken sausage, each one is more delicious than the last!

Signature Seasonings

Say goodbye to nitrates, nitrites, phosphates and MSG—our all-natural signature seasonings don’t need them! As well as spicing up our homemade sausages, these sensational spice blends can also be added to your pick of protein.

Cutting board with seasoning
Nugget Markets butcher with a knife

Knife Sharpening

When working in the kitchen, it’s important to keep your tools in good repair. If your blades are looking a bit dull, don’t fret—bring them to your local Nugget Markets, and our skilled butchers can give your knives the cutting edge.

Fresh Fish

Quality and sustainability count when it comes to seafood, which is why we feature an extensive selection of sustainable, wild-caught fish and shellfish, as well as receiving fresh seafood deliveries six days a week. We use color-coded labels to designate the environmental impact of each product. Read more about our Guidelines for Sustainable Seafood Buying or ask our seafood department associates! They are always happy to explain more about our sustainability programs and help you make your selections.

Verlasso Salmon

Look for These Brands At Our Meat Counter

Fresh to Market Grass-Fed Beef First Light Farms Fresh to Market Pork Verlasso Salmon Rosie Organic chicken Fresh to Market Air-Chilled Chicken SunFed Diestel Turkey Ranch Smart Chicken Certified Piedmontese Llano Seco Hobb’s Smoked Meats Mary’s Chicken Fresh to Market Angus Beef Cascade Creek

Mary’s Chicken available in our Marin County locations.

What’s The Beef?

    1. boar's head sweet slice ham with easter paraphernalia

      Main Course Masterpieces

      If you’re making the feast from scratch, elevate your springtime celebration with a visit to our meat department. From sweet smoked ham to pasture-raised lamb, sustainable salmon to Angus beef, these premium proteins are the perfect centerpiece for your feast.

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    2. Chef Stazi with a cooked and sliced tomahawk steak

      Cooking Tips for Grass-Fed Beef

      In the Kitchen with Chef Stazi

      Grass-fed and grass-finished beef is a phenomenal choice at the butcher counter, especially when it’s our Fresh to Market Grass-Fed Beef by Certified Piedmontese. Just keep in mind that when it comes to cooking, grass-fed beef tends to take less time and temperature since it’s leaner than conventional beef. Luckily, our pro chef team has shared some of their top tips for treating grass-fed beef with the tender loving care it deserves.

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    3. tomahawk beef roast with Certified Piedmontese logo

      Steak Your Claim

      With Certified Piedmontese

      When it comes to beef, we’re thrilled to partner with Certified Piedmontese to offer our guests a gourmet beef raised sustainably on family ranches across the Great Plains. Ranchers combine modern handling and husbandry practices with classic stockmanship to raise their cattle humanely with no added growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics, resulting in naturally superior beef.

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