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Specialty Groceries and More

From everyday staples to special, hard-to-find ingredients, you’ll always have options at Nugget Markets for all your grocery needs. To make shopping simple, look for our Lifestyle icons which point out specific dietary or lifestyle attributes like Organic, Local, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and more. If it’s gourmet or artisan you like, our buyers seek out the finest foods from around the world and around the corner. As an added bonus, you can find our specialty grocery items right alongside the essentials, making it easy to get your go-to groceries and find new favorites along the way.

Lifestyle Diet icons

Lifestyle Icons

At Nugget Markets, we strive to bring you a wide variety of local and organic products, as well as items suitable for special dietary and lifestyle needs. To assist you while shopping for specific food categories, we have created a series of icons to help you identify these products on our store shelves, in our ads, and in our publications.

Visit our lifestyle page to learn more.

* These special diet indicators are not intended to be used as or to replace medical advice. Please remember to always read product labels, as ingredients and manufacturers may change.

Haps on the End Caps …

    1. mrm superfoods powders with illustration

      Booster Packs

      Give your healthy lifestyle a boost of extra nutrients and health benefits by incorporating fortified, functional foods like these! Here are a few great products you can find in our Healthy Living and Specialty Grocery Departments that are easy to add to your daily routine.

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    2. Popcorn Food Art Spelling Pop It!

      Any Way You Pop It

      From pre-popped to stovetop, it’s never been easier to enjoy perfect popcorn at home. Check out our handy effort scale to see which pop is right for you!

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    3. this or that - tcho chocolate, lily's chocolate, salt point canned cocktails and lyre's mocktails

      This or That

      Life is all about choices, and sometimes there’s no wrong answer! From your morning meal to drinks and dessert, you get to choose what’s right for your individual taste, diet, mood and goals every single day. Whichever you pick, we won’t judge—we love them all!

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