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Red Cherries

Grown in Lodi, California

Red Cherries


Save $4/lb.

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Fresh, Local Produce

Here in the heart of California, we make the most of our state’s great bounty by bringing you the finest fruits and vegetables delivered fresh six days a week. With a love of local agriculture, we source as close to home as possible and build long-lasting relationships with farmers in our region—just look for our Local and CA-Grown icons! We also offer an abundant selection of organic and conventional produce, including everyday favorites and hard-to-find varieties. Stop by today and see what’s in season!

Heard It Through Grape Vine

  1. Fruit & Veggie Critters

    DIY Fruit & Veggie Critters

    The only thing more fun than making these little fruit and veggie critters is eating them! Equal parts silly, scrumptious, healthy and hilarious, these cute and tasty snacks are great for kids of all ages (including the kids at heart). Try your hand at these clever creations or get creative and make up your own!

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  2. Ataulfo mangos at different levels of ripeness

    Ready, Set, Mango!

    Just like any fruit, Ataulfo mangos are their best when perfectly ripe, but unlike other produce, when these mangos show their wrinkles, it’s a good thing! Learn more about Ataulfo mangos' ripening process and how to store them until you're ready to eat.

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  3. bouquet of flowers in purple vase

    Flower Power!

    Delight the mom in your life with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that you arrange yourself! It’s easy with our step-by-step (or in this case, stem-by-stem) guide.

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