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Grown in Firebaugh, California



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Fresh, Local Produce

Here in the heart of California, we make the most of our state’s great bounty by bringing you the finest fruits and vegetables delivered fresh six days a week. With a love of local agriculture, we source as close to home as possible and build long-lasting relationships with farmers in our region—just look for our Local and CA-Grown icons! We also offer an abundant selection of organic and conventional produce, including everyday favorites and hard-to-find varieties. Stop by today and see what’s in season!

Heard It Through Grape Vine

  1. Stuffed California Avocado with Mediterranean Salmon

    Think Outside the Guac!

    Sponsored by California Avocados

    Enjoy the bounty of seasonal flavors from California like fresh, delicious avocados. Grill up these heart-healthy fruits to add a smoky, creamy and slightly sweet element to your basic grilled veggies.  

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  2. Foodie FAQS: California Avocados

    Part 2

    You can’t spell avocado without California—it’s right in the name, “AvoCAdos”! Whether enjoyed in salads, on toast, in baking or as a substitute for other fats in cooking, California avocados are something to be celebrated and enjoyed… often. Make the most of these fantastic fruits with part 2 of our Foodie FAQs series starring these Golden State goodies.

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  3. homemade mini corn dogs

    All’s Fair in Love & Food

    Step right up and take your taste buds for a ride! Bring the taste of your local fair home with these recipes and ready-to-cook options from our meat department. Deep-fried, bacon-wrapped or on a stick, every one’s a winner!

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