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Broccoli Crowns

Santa Maria, California-Grown

Broccoli Crowns


Save $1.30/lb.

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Produce delivered fresh 6 days a week

HHere in the heart of California, we make the most of our state’s great bounty by bringing you the finest fruits and vegetables delivered fresh six days a week. With a love of local agriculture, we source as close to home as possible and build long-lasting relationships with farmers in our region—just look for our Local and CA-Grown icons! We also offer an abundant selection of organic and conventional produce, including everyday favorites and hard-to-find varieties. Stop by today and see what’s in season!

Heard It Through Grape Vine

  1. The Hand Pie’s Tale

    Sweet or savory, hand pies are a deliciously portable way to enjoy good home cooking. Try these recipes featuring seasonal combos or get adventurous and mix it up with different produce of the season. 

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  2. loose piles of spices on a black background

    Spice of Life

    Creating big, bold flavors in your home cooking is as simple as choosing the right spices. For tantalizing, Caribbean-inspired cuisine, add a dash of these powerhouse picks.

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  3. cucumber slices and berries floating in water

    Summer’s Secrets: Infused Waters!

    Health Notes by Dr. Liz

    During these warm summer months, your body’s need for fluid can easily go up twofold with the climbing temps. Infused waters to the rescue! These simple DIY drinks combine the goodness of fresh herbs like mint or basil with fresh fruit and even vegetables in chilled water.

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