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Organic Yellow Peaches or Nectarines

Valliwide Organic Farms, Grown in Reedley, California

Organic Yellow Peaches or Nectarines

Selected varieties


Save $2/lb.

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Fresh, Local Produce

HHere in the heart of California, we make the most of our state’s great bounty by bringing you the finest fruits and vegetables delivered fresh six days a week. With a love of local agriculture, we source as close to home as possible and build long-lasting relationships with farmers in our region—just look for our Local and CA-Grown icons! We also offer an abundant selection of organic and conventional produce, including everyday favorites and hard-to-find varieties. Stop by today and see what’s in season!

Serres Ranch Blueberries

When John P. Serres and his family acquired their ranchland in Mendocino County, they tested the soil to see what it was best suited for—and so began their flourishing blueberry business! Now over 17 years later, these plump, large and super sweet berries are a yearly hit, available for a limited time only in June and early July.

Heard It Through Grape Vine

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    Foodie FAQs: Avocados

    Avocados are always a do, especially when they’re grown right here in the Golden State. Whether stuffed or on toast, in smoothies or salads, let’s guac and roll with a few pro tips and fun facts about California-grown avocados!

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  2. strawberry arugula salad

    CA-Grown Summer Salads

    Salads are a simple and delicious way to enjoy a variety of fresh, seasonal, California-grown produce at the peak of ripeness. Our great state produces more than 400 different commodities, which is more than a third of the country’s fruits and nuts! Having such a bounty at our fingertips makes it easy to play with our food and create fresh, healthy salads with little to no cooking. 

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    Foodie FAQs: Leaf Lettuce

    Whether layered in a sandwich, used as a wrap or chopped up for a fresh, crisp salad, lettuce is a staple in any veggie lover's diet. Our latest edition of Foodie FAQs dives into the many versatile types of leaf lettuce, along with pro tips on the best ways to pick it, store it and use it. Lettuce begin!

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