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NEW Fresh to Market Grass-Fed Beef New York Steaks

NEW Fresh to Market Grass-Fed Beef New York Steaks

Fresh to Market Grass-Fed Beef

NEW! Fresh to Market

Grass-Fed Beef New York Steaks

$19.99/lb. Save $3/lb.

$19.99/lb. Save $4/lb.

$18.98/lb. Save $3/lb.

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Easy Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Starring our kitchen's homemade seasonal Pumpkin Spice Dip, these 4-ingredient cheesecakes are the perfect pumpkin indulgence!

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Daily Dish & What We’re Doing for You

  1. can and glass of beer in front of beer boxes

    Craft Beers without the Buzz

    Dry as in zero-proof? Sure. Dry as in zero-flavor? Think again. Our amazing Adult Beverage Department has an impressive variety of non-alcoholic craft beers for anyone looking to enjoy booze-free brews. One of our favorites is anything by Athletic Brewing, self-proclaimed pioneer of the non-alcoholic craft beer revolution.

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  2. olives-horiz-2

    All About Olives

    For savory snacking without the guilt, try our kitchen’s selection of marinated olives. Also great for homemade charcuterie boards and antipasto platters, these international favorites and modern medleys are full of fantastic flavor.

    Q: Which one’s the best?
    A: Olive them.

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