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Fondue cheeses and variety of dippers

Specialty Cheeses From Around the World

At Nugget Markets, we proudly offer hundreds of varieties of artisan cheeses from around the world and around the corner. Fresh or aged, hard or soft, we have everything you need for your perfect cheese board including vegetarian cheeses, an assortment of charcuterie, spreads and other accompaniments. We also offer artisan cheese boards made fresh to order by our trained cheese specialists (including Certified Cheese Professionals), who are also happy to answer questions, offer samples and suggest perfect pairings.

Cheeseland Dutch Mimolette

Nutritional Benefits of Cheese

Did you know that cheese is one of the best available sources of calcium and protein, as well as phosphorus? And that it is also full of vital nutrients and minerals? That and it tastes great too! Basically, cheese is a whole load of goodness packed into one scrumptious bite!

Serving Tips

When preparing a cheese board, always start with a cheese friendly surface like wood, tile or marble. Don’t forget to buy enough cheese for the occasion, usually 1–1½ ounces per person per cheese. Cheeses are best served in odd numbers (arranged according to flavor) with a common theme, like country of origin or type. Always use separate knives for each cheese, and remember to serve them at room temperature for best flavor.

Cheese board

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