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Big group of ecstatic associates outside Nugget Market store with confetti in the air
Press Release

Nugget Market Celebrates 18th Year on Fortune’s “Top 100 Companies to Work For” List

Davis, CA (April 4, 2024) – If you’re looking for a change of career, Nugget Market is one of the nation’s best workplaces according to Fortune’s latest “100 Best Companies to Work For” list. Clocking in at #99 in 2024, this marks the local, family-owned grocer’s 18th year of being recognized as one of the country’s best places to work.

“This is fabulous news!” said Eric Stille, Executive Chairman and fourth generation of Nugget Market’s founding family. “I am so proud of the way all 2,100 of our associates come together and create something very special at Nugget Market. We are an extended family of unique individuals who work hard, laugh, grow and support one another. At this company, building Trust with one another and our guests is key to our success. Our 3 Company Goals are Guest Satisfaction, Constant Improvement and to be a World-Class Employer! It takes every associate coming together to achieve these lofty goals. I am so proud of our Nugget Market family!”

For nearly a century, Nugget Market has been dedicated to taking care of their associates, as well as their guests and communities. One of the most obvious ways they do that is through industry-leading wages and benefits like their zero-premium health plan, and the fact that associates are eligible for healthcare benefits at just 22 hours worked per week. Associates also enjoy a flexible work schedule, an associate discount, up to five weeks of vacation time and 401(k) retirement options including a company match and profit-sharing contributions. In their 98-year history, Nugget Market has also maintained a perfect record of no lay-offs ever.

Perhaps even more well-known is Nugget Market’s dynamic culture of family and fun. For the last several years, this Yolo County-based grocer has given their entire company the chance to go on adventures like whitewater rafting and skiing or snowboarding. They also offer frequent opportunities for associates to develop personally and professionally with resources like their paid Return to Learn classes, self-nominating Leadership Nugget program, vendor field trips, college scholarships and more.

“The Stille family set the foundation for Nugget Market’s culture nearly 100 years ago and it has stood the test of time due to the commitment of our amazing associates, past and present, to live our values on a daily basis,” said Greg Hill, Nugget Market’s President and CEO. “It is part of our DNA to serve each other along with our guests and that culture generates a momentum that has fueled generations of success.”

Nugget Market earned their spot on this prestigious list thanks both to anonymous surveys from their associates and several in-depth responses to questions surrounding culture, values, strategy, associate involvement and leadership. The company has also been recognized by Great Place to Work in previous years as one of the nation’s Best Workplaces in Retail and the Bay Area, along with one of the Best Workplaces for Millennials, Women, Parents and Diversity, and one of People’s Companies that Care.

Family owned and operated since 1926, Nugget Market is a full-line grocery store in Northern California that provides the highest-quality perishables and organics, chef-prepared foods, specialty grocery items and conventional goods all in a beautiful marketplace setting. The Nugget Market, Inc. family of stores includes 16 locations: 13 Nugget Markets in Northern California, Fork Lift by Nugget Markets in Cameron Park, Food 4 Less Woodland and Sonoma Market in Sonoma, with a new Nugget Market planned for Rocklin in the spring of 2025.

For more information about Nugget Market’s ranking, read the Great Place to Work® review and Fortune review.


Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For 2024 From Fortune Partner Great Place To Work

Great Place To Work® has been surveying employees around the world about their workplace experiences for 30 years. We have developed a set of themes and metrics that not only predict whether employees feel their workplace is great, but predict retention, agility, and overall business success.  

Using our proprietary Trust Index™ survey, we measure the core of what we know creates great workplaces — key behaviors that drive trust in management, connection with colleagues, and loyalty to the company.  

The survey enables employees to share confidential quantitative and qualitative feedback about their organization’s culture by responding to 60 statements on a five-point scale and answering two open-ended questions.

Employees tell us whether leaders are accessible, communicate honestly and clearly, and if their actions match their words. They tell us whether they feel respected as individuals, if they receive training benefits, appreciation, support for their well-being and opportunities to contribute. They tell us whether they believe their company is fair related to pay, profits, promotions, recognition, favoritism, and opportunities. They tell us if they are proud of their work, their team, and their company and if they feel they make a difference, and their work is meaningful. And they tell us whether they enjoy the people they work with, feel cared for and can be themselves.   

List rankings are based on this employee feedback, which we analyze to determine the extent to which this experience is shared by the full workforce. Great Place To Work measures the differences in survey responses across demographic groups and roles within each organization to assess both the quality and consistency of the employee experience. Statements are weighted according to their relevance in describing the most important aspects of an equitable workplace.  

The best companies create great work experiences not just for management, but also for their part-time employees on the front lines, for those who’ve just joined and those who’ve spent their whole career there, for every race and ethnicity, gender, neurotype, or other demographic in the organization – we look at it all. Companies with the broadest set of employees who report positive workplace experience receive the highest rankings on lists.

In addition to analyzing employee feedback for the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work ® list we also consider what a company can tell us about their programs and workplace strategy. Each company also answers six essay questions that provide greater insight into how, and why the organization is great for all people. Responses are rigorously evaluated and cross-reviewed according to Great Place To Work’s research-driven criteria. From what companies share in datapoints and essays, we identify the organizations that offer the most generous, caring, and innovative programs reflecting a genuine commitment to meet the diversity of their people’s needs inside and outside the workplace as validated by what employees themselves report in survey results. 

Surveys must meet strict requirements for how they are distributed and the percentage of employees who respond to ensure they accurately represent honest feedback from the company’s full population. While essay responses provide important context for rankings, only survey data can garner a list placement. To be eligible for the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list, employers must have 1,000 or more employees in the U.S. and cannot be a government agency. In the last year, Great Place To Work surveyed companies employing more than 8.2 million people in the US and received more than 1.3 million survey responses. Of those, nearly 630,000 responses were received from employees at companies who were eligible for the 2024 list and this list is based on their feedback.  

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