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Graduation Cake

Celebrate with delicious desserts of all styles made fresh and decorated in our bakery!”

Bakery House-baked breads, cakes & more

Using artisan flour and never any additives or preservatives, we hearth-bake four varieties in our stone-deck ovens:

  • Sourdough: This bread rises for 18 hours and is naturally leavened, leading to its trademark sour taste. Try our sour rounds, baguettes, boulots, and the popular Dutch crunch.
  • Rustic French: These simple breads are made with just four ingredients: water, flour, yeast and salt. The result is a thin, crisp crust and a hint of buttery flavor. Try the French baguettes, piccolos, and rosemary rounds.
  • Italian: Made with extra virgin olive oil, Italian breads have a soft, pliable dough and crisp crust. Try ciabatta, focaccia, and pugliese loaves.
  • Organic whole grain: Made with 100 percent organic whole-wheat flour, these are some of our most nutritious bread offerings. Try our whole grain baguettes and boulots, and sprouted grain rounds.
  • Sprouted grain: Offering all the nutritional benefits of whole-grain, this healthful bread’s nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. Try organic whole-wheat rounds, boulots and sandwich loaves.

What’s Shakin’

  1. Chuckanut Cheesecake bites

    Bite-Sized Bliss

    What’s better than a single slice of cheesecake? A bunch of mini cheesecake bites drenched in chocolate! Satiate any sweet tooth with Chuckanut Cheesecake Bites.

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  2. Sugar Plum Vegan Cake

    Sweet as a Sugar Plum

    Since 2009, Sugar Plum Vegan has been providing the Sacramento region with wonderful, cruelty-free baked goods that taste as good as they sound. Local, vegan and non-GMO, Sugar Plum goodies are a sweet treat indeed.

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  3. lemon meringue tart

    Springtime Sweets

    Sweet on sweets? Our talented bakers make an array of luscious little treats fresh in-house and ready to enjoy, including a few new springtime favorites! 

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