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Cheesy Desserts

At Nugget Markets, we stock more than 400 varieties of cheese. Our cheeses are hand-cut and tasted daily by our cheese specialists to ensure freshness and quality, and we’re always happy to cut you off a sample so you can taste before you buy.

Specialty Cheese

The Latest From The Cheese Counter

    1. parmesan green pepper compound butter

      Cheese-Based Steak Butters

      Raise the steaks this summer with a slather of one of these amazing cheese-based compound butters. The richness of the creamy butter pairs with the complex flavors of each unique cheese and other complementary flavors for a mouthwatering final product sure to take your steak to a whole new level.

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    2. Let Them Eat Cheese

      For a simple yet show-stopping dessert, layered cheese “cake” is the way to go. Along with this delicious combination, you can also try using different fillings or decorations like dried fruit, Marcona almonds or chocolate.

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    3. cheese and chocolate pairing

      Whey Cool Combos

      Specialty cheese, great wine and artisan chocolate… what more do you really need? How about a handy guide to some fab fromage formulas? Take a page out of our talented cheese specialists’ book and try a taste of these unique and flavorful pairings, perfect for a picnic, barbecue or casual night in with friends.

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Cheese Specialists