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Healthy Living

Support and empower your healthy lifestyle choices with a visit to our healthy living department! From the finest vitamins, supplements and sports nutrition to aromatherapy, body care and apparel, we offer a wide selection of top-quality products sourced from trusted companies, including our own Fresh to Market lines of Vitamins and Essential Oils. If you have any questions, our trained healthy living specialists are here to help you find just what you need.

What’s shaping up in Healthy Living

    1. A is for Active

      For competitive athletes and casual fitness fans alike, we have just what you need to keep going strong. Enjoy a variety of energy-boosting pre-workout supplements, hydration and recovery powders and remedies for sore muscles and supplements for joint health.

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    2. hand holding blender bottle with protein powder inside

      Take It, Shake It, Make It, Bake It

      How do you power up with protein or collagen supplements? From mixing powders into smoothies and baking to taking ready-made protein bars on the go, the opportunities are endless! Keep going strong all day long with these premium protein and collagen bars and powders, plus ideas on how to enjoy them.

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    3. Protein Boost: Picking the Right Powder

      Health Notes by Dr. Liz

      Eating protein at every meal may be the key to weight control and even boost your workout efforts. Protein powders make for a convenient option for adding this key nutrient into smoothies, hot cereals, coffee, soups and more. 

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