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Healthy Living

Our Healthy Living department offers a quality selection of vitamins, herbs and supplements, as well as our trained healthy living specialists, who are here to help you navigate the aisles. We also stock a beautiful collection of bath, body and hair-care products, as well as unique gifts from an array of awesome brands.


Vega is the first all-natural, plant-based premium supplement system of protein shakes, sport drinks, bars, gels and supplements. Their vision is to empower the world to thrive in better health with these nutritious foods incorporated into daily routines and workouts. Each clean serving is Informed-Choice certified, Non-GMO Project verified and gluten free. Find out more about their products and company culture at

What’s shaping up in Healthy Living

    1. Turmeric Face Mask

      DIY Turmeric Tricks

      Turmeric root is a cousin of ginger root and can be used freshly grated in many recipes. Plus, there’s no need to peel the root as the skin is much softer than ginger root’s outer skin. Using fresh turmeric root may provide greater anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potency than dried turmeric powder, but both forms work well in a variety of uses, like these DIY recipes!

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    2. Klean Kanteen + Ener-C

      Keep it Klean

      A healthier you is a hydrated you! It’s easy to quench your thirst even if you’re on the go with a sturdy, reusable Klean Kanteen water bottle by your side. For an extra energizing boost, try adding a dash of Ener-C vitamin drink mix! 

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    3. Turmeric

      Golden Goodness

      Health Notes by Dr. Liz

      Used in Indian curries and other Asian cuisines, turmeric sets dishes aglow with its rich yellow-orange color thanks to a special compound called curcumin. In fact the name curcumin comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for “yellow.” Research studies show curcumin has very strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which means turmeric may “calm” irritated situations inside cells on a microscopic level such as in the heart and brain. 

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Healthy Living Specialists

  • Lorna Parton

    Lorna Parton

    Healthy Living Buyer, Corporate Office

  • Lyndsie Boubelik

    Lyndsie B.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Davis, Covell

  • Alecia P.

    Alecia P.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Davis, Mace

  • Alicia D.

    Healthy Living Specialist, El Dorado Hills

  • Raevan H.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Elk Grove

  • Sam X.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Tiburon, Novato

  • Anne D.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Roseville

  • Mariah B.

    Mariah Barrera

    Healthy Living Specialist, Corte Madera, Tiburon

  • Madison E.

    Madison E.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Vacaville

  • Jennifer Grocock

    Jenn G.

    Healthy Living Specialist, West Sacramento

  • Kelsey Fish

    Kelsey F.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Woodland