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Healthy Living

Our Healthy Living department offers a quality selection of vitamins, herbs and supplements, as well as our trained healthy living specialists, who are here to help you navigate the aisles. We also stock a beautiful collection of bath, body and hair-care products, as well as unique gifts from an array of awesome brands.

    1. Waxing Poetic

      Romantic dinner for two, designer home décor, great gift idea… What do they all have in common? Candles, of course! As lovely unlit, as they are aglow, light up your life, home or party with some of these unique and lovely candles.

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    2. powdered vitamins

      Powder Power!

      Having trouble getting your recommended daily dose of fruits, veggies, vitamins and minerals? Powdered vitamin supplements are an easy way to incorporate necessary nutrients into your diet! Most options mix well in water or other liquids like coconut water, milk, fruit juice or a smoothie.

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    3. Natural allergy remedies

      Naturally Allergy-Free

      It’s that time of year again—lush foliage, blooming flowers, cool breezes… Spring is in the air, and while beautiful, that’s not necessarily a good thing for those with seasonal allergies! Luckily, allergies aren’t forever, especially with a little help for your immune system. Along with standard allergy medications, there are also some homeopathic remedies that can help reduce spring allergies.

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Healthy Living Specialists

  • Lorna Parton

    Lorna Parton

    Healthy Living Manager, Corporate Office

  • Lyndsie Boubelik

    Lyndsie B.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Davis, Covell

  • Alecia P.

    Alecia P.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Davis, Mace

  • Alicia D.

    Healthy Living Specialist, El Dorado Hills

  • Ashley R.

    Ashley R.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Elk Grove

  • Anne D.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Roseville

  • Mariah B.

    Mariah Barrera

    Healthy Living Specialist, Corte Madera, Tiburon

  • Madison E.

    Madison E.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Vacaville

  • Jennifer Grocock

    Jenn G.

    Healthy Living Specialist, West Sacramento

  • Kelsey Fish

    Kelsey F.

    Healthy Living Specialist, Woodland