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Seedless Watermelons

Vierra Farms, West Sacramento, California-Grown

Seedless Watermelons

On special this week!

1 EA. Save $2.00

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Produce delivered fresh 6 days a week

We’re lucky to be located in one of the richest regions in the nation for quality local produce, and one trip through our produce aisles will show that we take full advantage of that fact! Nugget is committed to buying local to support growers from our area. In our produce aisles, you’ll find a huge selection of organics, and we also stock lots of hard-to-find, specialty varieties. We receive produce deliveries six days a week to ensure freshness — stop by to see what’s in season this week!

Heard It Through Grape Vine

  1. Eat Your Rainbow, Part 2

    Health Notes by Dr. Liz

    Freshly picked vegetables and fruit (especially those locally grown) are bursting with phytonutrients that give these summer favorites their rich hues of purple, red, orange and yellow—yes, the rainbow! The likes of carotenoids and anthocyanins give summer produce its rich colors while giving you a host of health benefits such as protection for age-and diet-related diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Check out a few of our summertime favorites!

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  2. apples, oranges, onions, broccoli

    Eat your Rainbow, Part 1

    Health Notes by Dr. Liz

    Nothing says summer like the abundance of fresh veggies and fruits you see in the produce aisles and at roadside stands and farmers markets. Take advantage of eating fresh this season and infuse your body with a bounty of more than just vitamins and minerals typically found in produce.

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  3. bowl of berries

    Frozen in Time

    Health Notes by Dr. Liz

    Capture the luscious summer sweetness of fruit by freezing it now and enjoying it on a rainy day this winter! You can easily DIY this summer’s bounty following these tips.

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Seasonal Recipes

  1. honey soy shishito peppers
  2. peach ginger pie
  3. Vodka Coconut Lemonade with Blueberries