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Ribs & Rubs

To season, perchance to grill—ay, there's the rub! Bust out the baby back ribs and get your backyard barbecue started with these finger-lickin' recipes. 

  • sauced ribs
  • grilled veggies in a sheet pan

    Rubs Do Your Body Good!

    Herbs and spices blended into flavorful meat rubs offer a wealth of health benefits thanks to the rich content of plant compounds called phytonutrients. Dried herbs—which are plant leaves such as basil and thyme—and spices—which come from plant seeds, bark, or root such as ground cumin and pepper—pack intense flavor and are a virtually calorie-free way to infuse lean proteins with savory and even sweet flavors.

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  • Chef-Style Ribs

    Filed under: Main Course, Pork

    baby back ribs

    Just the right balance of sweet, salty and spicy, these classic ribs go great with all the traditional barbecue fixin's. Finish on the grill for extra smoky flavor!

  • Texas Rub

    Filed under: Marinades & Rubs, Vegetables

    spoon and spices

    If you want flavor as big as Texas, try this dynamite dry rub. With the typical Texas rub flavors of chili powder and ground cumin, this rub is best suited for robust proteins like beef.

  • Rusty's American Ribs

    Filed under: Main Course, Pork


    Seasoned with a spicy, Texas-style rub and packed in brown sugar, these ribs can be slow barbecued or oven roasted. Whichever way you pick, they're like candy on a bone. 

  • Chef's Rub

    Filed under: Main Course, Beef & Game

    spoon and spices

    Versatile, simple and delicious, this basic sweet and spicy rub is a great all-purpose prep for your protein. Try it with pork and chicken dishes, or whatever else suits your fancy!