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  1. UCD's RMI Garden of Good Life, host to the Best of Barrel on September 29, 2012
    Press Release

    Nugget Markets Partners with UCD’s Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science to host the “Best of the Barrel” Fundraiser, celebrating Wine, Beer, and Food

    “It’s an absolute thrill to partner with Nugget Markets for such a worthy cause,” says Clare Hasler-Lewis, executive director of the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science. “We can’t think of a better way to share and celebrate fabulous wine and food with our community.”

  2. Nugget Markets logo
  3. Nugget Markets logo
  4. Press Release

    Nugget Markets Hosts Bike Drive at Davis Covell Store

    “This is the first time Nugget has joined with Alaffia for a bike drive,” says Dave Welch, store director of Nugget Markets on Covell. “Our entire Nugget team is excited and ready for a day of community fun and partnership for a wonderful, global cause.”


  5. Press Release

    Nugget Markets Hosts “Cheese the Day” Cheese Tasting Events

    “We’re delighted to host these amazing cheese makers and share not only wonderful samplings with our guests, but also to give our guests a 25% discount on sampled cheeses and the opportunity to help choose the next new cheese to appear in our stores," say Medbery.

  6. California Safe Soil cycle graph
    Where CSS fits into the cycle.
    Press Release

    Nugget Markets Partners with CCS to Help CA Farmers

    “We have been looking for the right organics recycling program, and are happy to support the research being conducted by CSS and UC Davis. We encourage California farmers to join with us in testing this product on their cropland, to help create a truly sustainable program, returning unsold food to the soil to produce the next crop of locally grown fresh produce for Nugget to offer to its customers.”

  7. Local love
    To us, local means within 100 miles of our home in Woodland, CA. Love local.
  8. Placer County Real Food book cover
    Placer County Real Food
  9. Nugget Market news store illustration
    Artist illustration of previous Nugget Market store design (does not reflect the design for this store).