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Incredible Edible Gifts

From homemade spiced chai and peppermint bark to DIY limoncello, candied fruit and more, these tasty recipes are great for gifting and sure to please anyone on your list. 

  • Spiced Chai

    Filed under: Drinks & Mocktails, Eggs & Dairy

    Chai Recipe

    Filled with fragrant spices, sweetened with brown sugar and steeped with loose leaf tea, this creamy, dreamy chai is a hug in a mug! Pro Tip: You can also package all the dry ingredients in a mug with the recipe for a fun DIY gift.

  • Peppermint Bark

    Filed under: Desserts, Chocolate

    Peppermint Bark

    Made with three kinds of chocolate and the perfect pop of peppermint, this beautiful bark is sure to become a holiday favorite!

  • Irish Cream

    Filed under: Cocktails, Adult Beverages

    Irish Cream

    To make this sweet and creamy cocktail a delicious DIY gift, simply pour into individual jars or bottles and decorate as desired!

  • Fudge Four Ways

    Filed under: Desserts, Chocolate

    Fudge Four Ways

    For decadent fudge in a variety of flavors, customize this simple recipe with your own favorite mix-ins—it can even be made in the microwave in a pinch!

  • Apple Caramels

    Filed under: Desserts, Eggs & Dairy

    Apple Caramels on a plate and wrapped in a bowl

    Would you like some apple with your caramel? In a delicious twist of dessert, these sweet and juicy homemade caramels are perfect for holiday gifting or anytime indulgence.